Feedback from previous years

From the on-line series in 2020…

“Really good – the short repeated sessions format was a big improvement. It improved my ability to focus and retain shared information. Also, the presenters were fantastic! Great job!”
“It was my first time joining MAVCON and I really enjoyed it. The format worked very well, particularly with the ‘breakout’ sessions.”
“Really well done. Liked the 2 hours slots but glad its changing to 3pm start. Liked the breakout rooms, helped understanding. Great for the Environment as no travelling”
“The content was excellent – great to get views from practitioners in the USA as well as the UK. The break out sessions were also a great way to network and share insights on M&V challenges in the videoconference format. It really brings a sense of an M&V professional community to the UK.”
“The breakouts helped me focus as I knew I had to know what was going on for the discussions. Some really good and knowledgeable presenters and interesting breakout sessions.”
“I enjoyed the variety of the content each week, and the session format worked really well in the current circumstances. The first session with Bill Koran was a particular highlight!”

From the live events in 2015 to 2019…

“Speakers and content excellent” – M.J.

“Good mix of presentations” – P.S.

“Panel was excellent” – S.S.

“Great to get industry together” – anon

“As CMVP accredited professional I enjoyed a detailed discussion of M&V” – R.B.

“Excellent networking” – C.G.

“Open & honest discussion about M&V” – S.N.

“Good interactive session to round off” – anon.

“A really useful update and a chance to get opinion from experienced practitioners” – J.F.

“Excellent and informative conference. It was great to share experiences and hear from others” – S.F.

“MAVCON provides an excellent resource to refresh understanding and knowledge of IPMVP, share experiences and gain valuable feedback and networking” – C.G.

Unbiased, non-sales related presentations” – B.T.

Conference improved from the high standards set at last year’s event” –  R.B.

MAVCON is an excellent platform to discuss issues and improve practice. Also a good networking event” – S.N.

A focussed, practical event for clients and practitioners involved in making energy savings more tangible” – P.G.

Lots of expertise in the room. Good panel discussion” – Anon.

Well run and well chaired. My first time at a event. I’ll come again!” – R.B.