MAVCON proceedings archive

For past delegates only…

You can download the presentations, and recordings where available, for each year from the following links (passwords required):

2015 – no materials available

  • Keynote speech: Unlocking project finance with M&V
  • Role of IPMVP
  • New M&V standards
  • Panel discussion on M&V with:
    – the end user’s view
    – the equipment supplier’s view
    – the ESCO’s view
    – the independent practitioner’s view


  • IPMVP document structure
  • Breakout: ‘good practice, bad practice’
  • Sampling
  • Uncertainty
  • Brains Trust: communicating the benefits
    – The independent verifier’s view
    – The client’s view
    – The energy service company’s view
  • Energy Technology Criteria List
  • Breakout: M&V big issues


  • Keynote: current issues and priorities
  • Update on the Investor Confidence Project
  • Fine-grained data and non-routine adjustments
  • Scenario exercise: non-routine adjustments
  • Brains Trust: when M&V goes wrong
  • Electric Motors: Energy, Rewinding & Testing
  • Re:FIT Cymru: experience and innovations
  • Backcasting – an illustration


  • Two presentations and a discussion on simulation modelling
  • Valuing the co-benefits of energy saving projects
  • How M&V is used for effective management of Energy Performance Contracts
  • M&V, landlords and tenant billing
  • Baseline assumptions for manual light switching behaviour
  • group brainstorming exercise discussing how to simplify M&V

2019 – no conference

2020     (online)

  • “M&V 2.0”: leveraging high-frequency data
  • Scottish NDEE Framework
  • Dealing with uncertainty
  • Broken baselines: M&V in the pandemic
  • IPMVP application guide for non-routine adjustments
  • Beyond energy efficiency: applying principles of M&V to “outcome based” solutions

2021    (online)

  • Baseline models: variations on a theme of degree days
  • M&V plans in the context of a health-service EPC framework
  • AI in energy waste detection: lessons for M&V
  • Verifying the effects of behaviour change
  • Trusted products: the Energy Technology List

2022  (online)

  • IPMVP Renewables Application Guide
  • Science-based Targets Initiative
  • South Africa’s tax incentives
  • Digital twins
  • Scottish Government’s Net Zero Public Buildings Standard

2023 – no conference