About the 2017 conference

MAVCON 17 took place in Birmingham on Thursday 16th November 2017.


Denis Tanguay

We were delighted to have Denis Tanguay, Executive Director of the Efficiency Valuation Organisation, to open this year’s conference with a review of current issues and priorities, and impressions from his first year and a half in post.

Dave Worthington

David Worthington gave us an update on the Investor Confidence Project. ICP is an international programme all about project financing. It integrates a suite of energy performance protocols to create a consistent and transparent process to bridge between retrofit opportunities on one hand, and investors on the other.

Hilary Wood

A major theme this year was non-routine adjustments.  Hilary Wood of EEVS explained how data from automatic meter reading systems has been used to quantify the effects of changes in static factors. This is a new development in M&V. Meanwhile Colin Grenville of Erebus Consulting led us in a scenario-based group exercise.

Colin Grenville (standing) leads the scenario exercise
Steve Barker

To complement the coverage of individual project verifications, we look at generic evaluation of particular technologies. This year Stephen Barker of Siemens explained how the efficiency of electric motors is tested and discussed how make the choice between replacement and rewinding.

Conference organiser Vilnis Vesma gave an illustration of ‘backcasting’, an evaluation method that addresses the problem of inadequate baseline data.

Emma Hutchinson

Drawing on experience with the Re:FIT Cymru programme, Emma Hutchinson introduced some new initiatives to simplify payback-length M&V, based on what the users really need. She will explained their approach to client training and briefing, and how they use a short ‘quick guide’ Interface Agreement to get buy-in from all parties on their roles and responsibilities.

Brains Trust panel

This year’s theme was When M&V goes wrong” and our panelists were: Ellen Salazar, an independent energy and sustainability consultant; Sandeep Nair, Energy Manager at Royal BAM Group; and Quinten Babcock, Environmental Manager, Transport for London, Facilities Operations.

The conference was chaired by Richard Hipkiss, chairman of the Energy Technology and Services Association.