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This is the fifth in our series of specialist conferences for energy measurement and verification practitioners and end users. It’s been reconfigured for the remote working world, but we hope it retains the community feel that kept people coming back year after year in the days of face-to-face meetings.
All sessions start at 16:00 UK time and are scheduled to last two hours

22 October

“M&V 2.0”: leveraging high-frequency data

Bill Koran PE CMVP
Bill read mechanical engineering at Stanford University. He subsequently worked as a senior energy engineer and has been specialising in energy analytics since 2011, performing energy audits and retrocommissioning investigations, estimating potential project energy savings and life cycle costs and performing measurement and verification of energy savings. He developed very popular spreadsheet add-in Energy Charting and Metrics (ECAM), which can support semi-automated analyses for M&V per Guideline 14 and adherent to the IPMVP, as well as supporting many other analyses.
Now semi-retired, Bill was a voting member of the Northwest United State’s Regional Technical forum, establishing savings estimates and protocols for northwest utilities.  He was a member of ASHRAE Committee GPC-14 for Guideline 14-2014, Measurement of Energy, Demand, and Water Savings. He was primary author for several of Bonneville Power Administration’s M&V protocols.

29 October

Scottish NDEE Framework

Andrew Wholley and Kevin MacLennan, Mott MacDonald
Andrew is Mott MacDonald’s lead advisor for Scottish Government’s Non-Domestic Energy Efficiency (NDEE) Framework Project Support Unit (PSU). Supporting Scottish Government in the development of the Framework in 2015, and having an active lead in the PSU since 2016, Andrew has helped deliver multiple ‘guaranteed saving’ Energy Performance Contracts across Health, Higher Education and Local Authority estates, ranging from £0.5m to £4m.
Kevin is a Senior Consultant and Measurement and Verification Advisor within the PSU. As an experienced chartered engineer and CMVP, Kevin provides a specialist overview of the M&V processes across NDEE EnPC projects; from initial M&V Report conception through to operational savings reviews, M&V Savings Reports analysis and remedial works planning.
Andrew and Kevin will detail the processes and opportunities of NDEE Framework EnPCs, with a particular focus on the M&V approaches and payment mechanisms used across the varying contract forms.  Lessons learned and comparisons with other Frameworks will also be shared.
Andrew Wholley
Kevin McLennan


5 November

Dealing with uncertainty

Dr Hilary Wood, EEVS
Hilary is one of the UK’s accredited instructors on courses for the CMVP (Certified Measurement and Verification Professional) qualification, and has spoken at MAVCON before.


12 November

Broken baselines: M&V in the pandemic 

Daniel Narayanan, AECOM
Colin Grenville, Erebus Consulting
The show must go on: M&V practitioners everywhere are having to adapt and improvise because the Covid-19 pandemic has been highly disruptive, triggering the ultimate in unforeseen non-routine adjustments. Baselines developed before March 2020 are usually no longer valid, those that are being developed now may have limited shelf-lives as the ‘new normal’ changes, and for most of this year many clients’ installations have been running with exceptionally low load factors.
We will hear from two practitioners about the pragmatic changes and compromises that they have made to cope with the situation in projects they have been involved with.
Daniel Narayanan

Colin Grenville

19 November

Beyond energy efficiency: applying principles of M&V to “outcome based” solutions

Dr Sheikh Ali, Siemens
Ali is a Senior Solutions Consultant at Siemens, and key expert on the topic of Outcome Based Solutions. His experience covers a number of sectors such as food and beverage, construction, aggregates, glass, insulation, power generation, oil & gas, and FMCG.  His expertise has benefitted large manufacturing businesses in reducing their energy and operational costs by several million pounds. He has also authored and presented research on UK climate change legislation and drivers, microgrids, outcome based solutions and behavioural change management.
He will show that one can extend the scope of M&V methods to measure and verify outcomes other than energy efficiency — such as to prove the enhanced operational efficiency of a manufacturing process. He will illustrate and support his argument with examples from Outcome Based Solutions by Siemens, showing how integration of energy and operational efficiency projects, with guaranteed outcomes that are measured and verified, is a win-win for Siemens and its customers.
Each two-hour session will typically comprises a guest presentation followed by discussions in small breakout groups; the groups will be invited to formulate questions for a question-and-answer forum which follows, but they’ll also provide an opportunity to meet each other. (Some sessions may follow a different model).

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